How to urgently replace an absent leader?

Within a dairy cooperative, 1,200 members, 3 processing plants, 824 people for a turnover of 347 million euros specializing in ultra-fresh, the mission was to support and remedy the malfunctions of a service sales administration, decimated by work stoppages. It was a question of carrying out management-relay by replacing an absent leader after an analysis of the dysfunctions, as well as a reorganization.

Alain Borschnek, the Interim Manager, tells us about his mission:

“I started by defining the emergencies in the operational tasks, while compensating for the absences by Interim for the short term, then recruitment for the medium term. I brought new energy, listening and enthusiasm to this department of 11 people. I defined a new mode of operation per division: taking into account customer specificities, namely geographical area, language, customs, EDI, customer typology for the French market (supermarkets, RHF).

The results obtained were:

  • Establishment of a weekly point for the team
  • Implementation of indicators for the management of the activity
  • New job descriptions
  • Development of transversal relations with logistics, production and finance
  • Drafting of specifications for the management of EDI for a major English client
  • Taking an account from a new Chinese customer
  • Recruitment of a new manager
  • And finally start developing the procedures”


With Alain’s support, the teams were able to overcome the shortcoming created by the various absences, and regain a balance thanks to the introduction of new processes, in just 7 months.

Remplacer en urgence un dirigeant absent
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