Interim management helps companies take a step forward:

  • Transformation of the company before or after its takeover


  • Crisis management : straightening out an industrial site, calming a social climate


  • Replace an absent manager: take over the management of a company or service at short notice, during the recruitment of the permanent position


  • Temporary need for skills: setting up the supply-chain service, reorganizing a production site, setting up a CSR transition, etc.

« La grandeur d’un métier est avant tout d’unir les hommes ;
il n’est qu’un luxe véritable et c’est celui des relations humaines. »
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Leaderia management de transition

Interim management is an urgent solution, the duration of which is determined, to resolve a complex strategic situation in a company. At Leaderia, we support agri-food and hotel-catering companies. The interim manager is not an employee of the company (and therefore does not come under personnel costs) and provides key skills and specific management to client companies. His role is to provide immediate solutions to a specific situation and to pass on his skills to sustain his action after his departure.


Our team personally knows all the interim managers in our base in order to be able to identify within 48 hours on average, the profile(s) that are best suited to your needs: growth, crisis management, digital transformation, optimization, replacement of a manager absent, or to compensate for an absence in a recruitment that takes time.


Our candidate pool meets the following criteria:

  • Extensive experience in a specific function
  • Multi-company operational knowledge
  • An experience of transformation management
  • A solid managerial background Strong resistance to pressure
  • An ability to deal with subjects quickly and simultaneously
  • Above-average adaptability
  • A great working power
  • Immediate availability


Laurence Frenkiel, Head of the Transition Management division, also ensures the matching between the proposed candidate(s) and the company’s culture to ensure the success of the mission.

Our expertise

Leaderia is the only interim management firm specializing in the food and hotel and catering sectors: our candidates all come from your sectors with proven experience in the various fields:

  • Agri-food: charcuterie, bakery-pastry, prepared meals, ultra-fresh…
  • Hotels: 4 and 5* hotels, budget hotels, Palaces…
  • Catering: chain restorations, RHF…

This sector specialization allows our team to offer you transition managers who are experts in your sectors and operational as soon as they arrive in your company.

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