How does an interim management mission take place?

Before the agri-food interim management mission

A transition management mission in the food industry begins with the expression of a need by a company to specialized firms. Today, interim management firms cover all sectors, but some specialize in one or more sectors, such as Leaderia, the only firm specializing in the food industry.

The firms consulted then present a shortlist of candidates, chosen and available immediately. The company meets the candidates proposed during a more in-depth interview, in order to understand the context of the company, its challenges and difficulties, its objectives as well as the framework of the transition mission.

The company then validates the most suitable candidate for its needs. The signature of the contract occurs, on average, between 2 and 5 days after the brief given to the solicited firms.

Integration must be immediate for the interim manager: his appearance, his first gestures and his first words will be scrutinized by all employees. Also, depending on the context, we advise our clients to provide adequate communication about their arrival and the role entrusted to them. His arrival in the company is thus fluid: the manager and the teams are operational immediately.

The first steps in the business are the most important, they allow:

  • To collect as much information as possible about the internal situation of the company
  • Identify trusted people
  • Identify those who will block change

When possible, the interim manager meets with the various managers to determine the status of the various services and procedures.But more often than not, the manager forms his opinion through his roadmap and his expertise.


The pre-mission and the start of the mission are the key phases of the intervention: they define the bases for the entire duration of the transition.

Comment se déroule une mission de management de transition ?
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