Meet Laurence Frenkiel, Head of the Interim Management Department

After completing a business school course at EM Lyon, Laurence Frenkiel had the opportunity to specialize in Human Resources at the University of Southern California where she obtained an MBA.

Back in France, Laurence worked as a Human Resources Consultant for ten years, notably at Hay, KPMG Peat Marwick and Gemini Consulting. Thanks to a study of the organization of the Recruitment function at Capgemini, Laurence then became Head of Recruitment France for a few years. She then left the Group to progress to a position of HRD France, then Group HRD at Ingenico, and within the Grandvision group.

Since 2010, Laurence has specialized in transition management activities, first by joining, as a partner in charge of Human Resources transition missions, XPM, then by participating in the creation of DNA for all functions. management, and, since the fall of 2020, of Leaderia Transition Management at Leaderia.

Due to her background in HRD, Laurence is able to immediately understand the client’s problem and her great reactivity allows her to present to her within 24 to 48 hours the candidate(s) likely to respond to her request.

It emphasizes not only the technical and managerial skills of the candidate, but also their human values ​​and their compatibility with the style and culture of the company. Many of the managers with whom Laurence works have also become relatives, even, for some of them, his friends.

Beyond her expertise in Interim Management, Laurence sees in this activity a “social utility”, since it allows, most often to senior profiles who have left the CDI voluntarily or not, and to continue their career under another contractual mode.

She also devotes part of her time to teaching Recruitment and the HR function for Managers to young work-study students in Masters 1 and 2.

Parisian by birth, she has lived in the USA and Canada, where age, the possible lack of diplomas and eclectic backgrounds are anything but an obstacle to professional success!

Laurence Frenkiel
Interim Management by Leaderia
6, rue de la Pépinière — 75008 Paris
12 Avenue Carnot - 44000 Nantes