Interim management vs the age pyramid

In France, the age pyramid is crumbling: senior profiles are retiring faster than generations are being renewed in companies. How, then, to optimize the use and transmission of talent in companies? Interim management can be a solution.

In France, only 57% of people over 55 are in employment, 53% in the case of women (DARES study, 2023). However, the technical and personal skills of these senior profiles are valuable since they are the result of several years of experience, in various positions and different companies.

Recruitment on permanent contracts in certain sectors is under pressure, in particular because of their low attractiveness, even though recruitment and talent management are the basis of a company’s growth and sustainability. A slowdown in recruitment can therefore put a company in difficulty, particularly in the event of change, crisis or restructuring. This situation also impacts the youngest profiles because they can no longer learn from the experience of more experienced profiles, and the transmission of intergenerational skills is not effective.

Interim management makes it possible to overcome this lack of skills in the different situations where it is necessary: ​​change management, crisis situation, transformation, replacement.

Thus, the interim manager brings skills and proven experience to his client, in an emergency, and precisely meeting the needs required by the situation. The duration of his mission being determined from the start, the interim manager only stays in the client company for as long as necessary. In addition, his particular status does not make him an employee of the company, which therefore does not enter into its workforce, and therefore not in the personnel costs.

Thus the interim manager brings specific skills where they are needed, while transmitting his know-how to the teams in place, thus perpetuating his action during the mission.

This expertise responds to a need for skills on a temporary basis and allows the following generations to be trained to continue the actions and methods put in place during the transition mission. Thus, without modifying the average age of the employees of the company, the capacities of the employees are improved according to their needs

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