Interim management to optimize the profitability of a hotel

Interim management for the hotel and catering industry aims to support hotel establishments over a fixed period of time on various issues, and in particular to optimize the profitability of a hotel.

The current economic situation inevitably raises the question of reducing costs, optimizing pricing (yield management) and increasing revenues. Voluntary or forced, the search for new solutions to these questions has become one of the priorities for hoteliers. The transition manager, expert in the sector and experienced in the management of establishments, can support them and provide them with sustainable solutions in this area.

Take stock:

The manager conducts an audit of the hotel to understand its operation and find optimization levers :

  • Fixed, variable and mixed loads
  • Revenue management
  • Projects to be developed
  • Process efficiency
  • Deployments of relevant KPIs


Decrease spending

The manager then proposes an action plan to reduce expenses, without reducing the hotel’s quality of service:

  • By adapting the schedules according to the activity of the hotel
  • By evaluating the possibility of subcontracting for certain positions
  • By lowering the use of energy: less plug in rooms, automated lighting, etc.
  • By combining certain services together such as laundry and housekeeping
  • By automating the monitoring of expenses to assess them against the provisional budget

Increase revenue

The simple optimization of costs does not completely improve the profitability of the hotel; the interim manager is also responsible for improving the revenue of the hospitality business:

  • Collect and analyze data and KPIs
  • Analyze products to optimize them
  • Make the hotel unique through partnerships or special events
  • Develop a customer retention process
  • Implement digital among teams to gain efficiency


Interim management for the hotel and catering industry is the opportunity to respond quickly and appropriately to the current situation, without having to hire on a long-term basis, thanks to the skills of a specialist in the sector.

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