Interim management for quality

Quality is a cross-cutting and important subject that concerns all agri-food sectors, particularly for reasons of increasingly strict legal frameworks, but also for consumer safety. Recent default cases on this subject have also made headlines.

Given the stakes, but also the complexity of the operations, this function cannot therefore absolutely remain vacant. Also, in the case of a prolonged absence of the holder of the position, or in that of a recruitment which is slow to replace him, the transition management is the solution which makes it possible to ensure the continuity of the service, and therefore of the agri-food companies .

The interim manager for quality assignments in the food industry can be a former manager with extensive and up-to-date experience in the role. He is therefore immediately operational from the moment he joins the company. The interim manager also brings to the organization managerial expertise to teams that may be suffering, or lack skills, which is all the more important as the legal and health issues are high.

The quality transition manager can accomplish different types of mission for the company such as:

  • Ensure product quality and safety
  • Prepare IFRS approval files, ISO 9001 renewal files,
  • Health Management Plans
  • Ensure the daily management of the quality department, while developing the skills and efficiency of the team
  • Structure the quality team and ensure the integration of newcomers if necessary
  • Animate the security approach within the team, but also with other departments of the company
  • Ensure the link between the quality department and the members of the CoDir
  • Ensure the transfer of files and skills to the holder of the permanent position


During his mission, the interim manager will thus ensure the interim of the quality department to manage the teams while ensuring that the files, essential for the marketing of the products, are completed and validated on time.

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