How do you chose an interim manager ?

Starting a transition mission is most often done urgently to respond to strategic issues that cannot be delayed any longer. Once an interim management firm, generalist or specialized in the food industry, is aware of your need, it offers you a candidate within a generally very short time frame (48 hours in the case of Leaderia). However, a recruitment error can further weaken your company, already in a unique situation, so how can you be sure to chose the right interim manager?

The skills

The interim manager is a technical expert: he has worked for several years in operational functions in companies in his sector, and for Leaderia, in the food industry: meat industry, bakery, processed products, vegetarians, etc. This technical expertise allows him to quickly grasp the operational issues of the client company and to start his mission immediately.

On the other hand, the interim manager is also a former manager, having acquired solid managerial experience. He has developed the team leadership and management skills that are essential to the smooth running of the mission. In summary, his action brings about a change in the company, over a short period and in a sustainable way.

The Mindset

In addition to technical and managerial skills, the interim manager needs to have a specific mindset. Not being an employee of the company, he is outside internal policies, but as the interim manager in the food industry only stays for the time necessary for his mission, he must demonstrate the skills essential to the success of his mission :

  • Agility: by moving from one company to another, the interim manager develops an unparalleled ability to adapt
  • Open-mindedness: the interim manager brings a fresh perspective. Its role is to propose new methods to get the company out of its current state and make it evolve quickly.
  • Autonomy: the interim manager is required to make strategic decisions as soon as he takes up his position, so it is essential that he be able to make these decisions without going through a cumbersome validation process
  • Humility: A transition mission requires constant questioning on the part of the manager. Since he is not familiar with the company he is joining, he must be able to observe and listen better than anyone
  • Empathy: More often than not, a bridging assignment in the food industry begins in a complex social climate. To appease employees, the interim manager must know how to show empathy.


A transition mission generally responds to a complex and urgent situation, hence the need to recruit a interim manager quickly and without making mistakes. That’s why, at Leaderia, we present managers based on the full context of your business, their skills being as important as their personality.



Comment choisir son manager de transition
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