Combining talent and performance “from Earth to the Table”, also in transition!

Article published in Le Figaro, Dec 2021, Laurence Frenkiel, our Transition Management Manager highlights his division!

For twelve years, Leaderia has been one of the key specialists in skilled employment in the agricultural, agri-food and hotel-catering sectors. Its recent interim management offer makes it possible to meet the temporary needs of rapidly changing sectors and companies.

A recruitment and HR consulting firm, Leaderia was created in 2009: “Leader, because we recruit top-level executives; IA for Food Industries which constitute the historical specialization on which we have capitalized and built our reputation”.

To strengthen its positioning, Leaderia launched in 2020 a division dedicated to interim management. “In complementarity with our 4 poles – Production/Agriculture, Processing, Distribution, Consumption/Hotels/Catering – the implementation of this offer reinforces our position as specialists. »

The development of this offer has been entrusted to Laurence Frenkiel, former HRD converted since 2010 to the management of transition management missions, and targets the entire food production and distribution chain from the seed sown in the field, to the plate served at the table!

“The expertise and humanity that I advocate correspond well to the values ​​of the agro world: simple, human and concrete,” she explains. “The objective remains to help our clients to pass a milestone: transformation, managerial urgency or recruitment that is overdue. Our transition managers, who are very operational, have strong business expertise, this is our added value! “. Mobility is also key because, from farmer cooperatives to ingredients and agricultural equipment, missions are often rooted in rural areas.

Innovation, energy and digital transition, food sovereignty and traceability… is the food industry at the crossroads of several changes? Enough to write transition management in the plural.

Laurence Frenkiel
Interim Management by Leaderia
6, rue de la Pépinière — 75008 Paris
12 Avenue Carnot - 44000 Nantes